The Project


Embedded in the Garraf rock

Can Ràfols dels Caus is one of the most unique and attractive wineries in Europe and it allows you to understand how this property has lived in harmony with its surroundings for two thousand years.

Twenty-five years after the start of his oenological adventure, Carlos Esteva decided to take a big step with the construction of a new winery. The goal was not to fit more tubs, hectoliters and bottles, but to improve work. With this project, the qualitative potential was increased, given that everything was already geared towards working more thoroughly on microvinifications in order to further separate the grapes from the different plots, and to continue investigating.

The new winery is, first of all, a show of respect for a unique environment with a high landscape value and an architecture inherited from a historical past. With this aim and taking care of all the details to the maximum, a vinification and aging cellar has been designed completely embedded in the Garraf rock, invisible from the outside, completely integrated into the landscape and projected at different levels in order to facilitate vinification by gravity.

“After 16 years of work, the dream has become a reality.”