Massís del Garraf


A unique land in all of Catalonia

At 300 meters above sea level, in the Penedès, but with a very special feature that geographically places us on the coast of Garraf (Massís del Garraf, a unique land in the whole of Catalonia), between the valleys bounded by two streams, we find stepped vineyards on the slopes: the vineyards of Can Ràfols dels Caus.

The vineyards, fragmented into small plots, occupy around 90 hectares of land, where an authentic ampelographic range of up to 28 grape varieties is grown. Carlos Esteva put his effort into highlighting the value of native varieties, Xarel·lo and Macabeu (white) and Sumoll (black), with some plots planted in 1934.

These strains coexist with other varieties that have adapted perfectly to the Garraf Massif, such as Chenin Blanc and Incrocio Manzoni, practically unheard of in Catalonia and Spain. This large calcareous mass is the cradle of the roots of our vines, of limited production, but of a sublime and chimerical quality for the senses, which takes on a personality depending on the marinade.


Aware that good wines can only come from good grapes, from balanced vines in which the yields allow to reach the appropriate maturity, a great obstinacy is put into letting nature take its course, doing without chemicals, using only fertilizers organic, picking each vine by hand and respecting spontaneous fermentations, without the addition of selected yeasts, in order to obtain the best wine. The vineyards have ecological certification and some plots are cultivated biodynamically.