The Project


Carlos Esteva knew how to convey it perfectly: “Exceptional wines have this thing that goes far beyond what we are able to perceive with our eyes, nose and palate. You must fight for the invisible.

Can Ràfols dels Caus is a project that maintains the essence of its creator, a fight for the invisible, to bet on what we don’t perceive, but we know exists and that leads us to produce noble, elegant, authentic and differentiated wines with the aim of exciting the people who taste them.

For this reason, our team not only fights for the invisible, taking into account the production of the different wines, but also does it in terms of values ​​and awareness. So much so that, otherwise, where today we can find an idyllic natural setting that is the cradle of our vineyards, we would find an arid area, devoid of life and on the verge of becoming a cement quarry. This land was able to be saved thanks to Carlos Esteva who, resorting to the right of first refusal, saved the farm from the environmental disaster it was headed for.

Yes. Can Ràfols dels Caus is respect for our surroundings. It is time off. The taste of a saved land.