The Project

Wine & Art

Everything emmerges from an inner cry

Can Ràfols dels Caus breathes art: in the various corners of the country house and winery, in the labels of the flagship range of the project; in the Gran Caus and in the activities to promote art and culture. Everything that is created in Can Ràfols dels Caus arises from an inner cry, one that is linked to the Western and Mediterranean civilization that so intertwines us to our land and that has created an imaginary which, against its literal and classic definition, also relies on its image, its color, its aroma and its taste. This imagery is reaffirmed in a rich symbology that we constantly find in language, art and artistic literature in general.

Wine, like art, is an aspect that we work on, worship, buy, contemplate, drink, enjoy and keep. We talk about wine and we think and write about wine. Wine has made us how we are.