The Project


2014 Edition

On the one hand, more and more wine is being made everywhere and a new culture is created around it. On the other hand, a part of young people and certain cultures find it difficult to enjoy it. They find it to be a sophisticated, complex and old world. Personally, I have enjoyed wine at the table, chatting, laughing, commenting and eating. Simply. This cultured, artistic and at the same time artisan point it has, enriches these moments. Wine tastings interest me on a professional level, as they contribute to knowledge.


2012 Edition

This is the seventh edition of “12 Authors and their Wines”. When choosing the different participating authors, the idea of ​​inviting producers who elaborate their wines with native varieties of their area has prevailed. The coincidence of this tasting with other events taking place on the same dates has prevented the participation of other great producers from the Valais and Burgundy.


2010 Edition

This is the sixth edition of the “12 Authors and their Wines” tasting. It is a pleasure for me to do it and to coincide with the thirtieth anniversary of my history in Can Ràfols dels Caus as a wine producer. In the last thirty years I have met many great winemakers and many people related to the world of wine. I think it’s a fabulous world where friendliness and camaraderie usually prevail. I am grateful to be able to count on this edition and in this time of crisis and dominated by large multinationals, with the presence of winegrowers with personality, for themselves and for their wines.


Edition 2008

What is quality? We talk about quality without knowing the highest quality. Perhaps the highest quality is not appreciated because it is not known and only what is known is appreciated. We use reference points such as comparison and trends to understand this. But if your reference point is bad, your idea of ​​quality is wrong. Back to the point: what is the highest quality in wine? It is necessary to look for the best of each component of the final product.


2006 Edition

In an increasingly globalized world with more industrial and homogeneous wines, it is a great pleasure to be able to taste personal, natural wines. Last year it occurred to me that every time a bottle of great wine was opened in the world, it was as if a bell rang. This time, I’m sure we’ll have an excellent tune. Carlos Esteva, 2006 Can Ràfols dels Caus Alois Lageder | Alois Lageder Álvaro M.Alburquerque | Quinta da Pellada Anne-Claude Leflaive | Domaine Leflaive Anselme Selosse.


2004 Edition

This is the third edition of this biennial meeting. In a few days it will be two years since my colleague and friend Ramón Marín died in a car accident. From him came the initial idea of ​​this biennial meeting, of which this is the third edition. We keep the title of the tasting, “12 Authors and their Wines”, even though the expression “author’s wines” has been used, paradoxically, to label wines with little personality, in which potency simply prevails , the new barrel, the concentration, without precisely expressing the terroir or the style of the winery.


2002 Edition

When two years ago I organized the tasting of twelve authors and their wines on the occasion of our twentieth anniversary, I did not think about another edition, at least in the short term. Many friends have encouraged me to repeat it. It is a satisfaction. The body with the soul. Life is like the song says: everyone needs each other, and it’s good to communicate and to get to know eachother. We all have our secrets, secrets of experience.


2000 Edition

Twenty years ago now, I came to Can Ràfols dels Caus to live and started the adventure of making wines. I think that a first cycle has been closed, and although the original idea was a different one, what better way to celebrate than with this fantastic tasting? For many of the wines presented here, it will be the first time that they can be tasted, either because of their new vintage or because of their new conception and they are all gems chosen by their authors.